WhatsApp notifications

This service is discontinued!

Due to the new terms and conditions of WhatsApp CloudRadar is no longer allowed to send notifications. Our WhatsApp options is discontinued. Please choose Telegram or Pushover instead.

Before you start

  • Make sure the person who should receive notifications has installed and configured WhatsApp. For details, see WhatsApp FAQ.

  • You need to know how to add and manage notification recipients in CloudRadar. For details, see Adding recipients.

Adding WhatsApp recipient

  1. On the device where notifications should be received:

    1. Start WhatsAPP, and add the +4917643819386 number to the address book.

    2. Send a message to this number with the following text: start

    3. Copy the phone number configured in WhatsApp.

  2. In CloudRadar, choose Recipients on the left, and then choose ADD RECIPIENT.

  3. In Media type, choose WhatsApp.

  4. Choose the button to confirm the start message has been sent.

  5. Enter the phone number copied in step 1, and choose the Verify button.

  6. Optionally, choose SEND TEST, and verify that the test message is received on the device used in step 1.

  7. Choose for which kinds of events a notification should be sent to WhatsApp - alerts, warnings, or reminders.

  8. Save your changes.