Telegram notifications

To send notifications via Telegram you need to add the Telegram ID of the recipient in CloudRadar.

Since 2021-06-21 creating your own bot is mandatory. CloudRadar no longer runs a generic alerting bot.

Step1: Creating own bot (mandatory)

Consider using the desktop app of Telegram. It makes copying the ling token easier.

Optionally, you could create your own bot to receive automated messages from CloudRadar:

  1. Search for botfather: inside the Telegram app, choose the search icon.

    Tap on the first one with the blue checkmark.

  2. Start talking to BotFather by choosing START:

  3. Create a new bot. In the answer from BotFather you will find a link /newbot. Choose it.

  4. Give the bot a name. The BotFather sends back a message asking for the name of the new bot. Enter (for example) Cloudradar, and send your answer.

  5. Give the bot a username. The botfather confirms that you want to create a bot called "Cloudradar" and he asks for a username. Enter any name you like with the suffixbot and send your answer. Entering CloudRadarBot as shown in the image above is not possible. This botname is already in use.

  1. The BotFather will create your bot and send back the bot access token. The access token consists of two parts divided by a colon. Write it down entirely.

  2. Start the bot. You are almost done. The last but crucial step is to start the bot. Within the last message from BotFather, above the access token, you will find a blue link to start the bot. The links always start with - choose it.

    Then choose START at the bottom of the screen.

Copy the generated Bot Token to CloudRadar

Step 2: Getting and using your Telegram ID

All Telegram users are identified by a User ID. Unlike other services, Telegram does not use your phone number.

Before you add Telegram recipient in CloudRadar you need to obtain the ID of the corresponding Telegram account as follows:

  1. Start the Telegram app and choose the search icon.

  2. Search for @userinfobot. Caution: There are many similar bots. Pay attention!

  3. Tap on the second and tap on START:

  4. Note your ID: the bot will send your own ID. Write it down!

Caution! There are many bots with similar names. Look carefully to choose the real and official @userinfobot. It's the one without any subscribers and all letters are lowercase.

Look carefully to select the right userinfobot!

Adding Telegram recipient

Connect with the cloudradar messaging bot

In order to receive messages from CloudRadar you must be connected with our bot. Do the following on the device where notifications should be received:

  1. Start Telegram and choose the search icon in the top right of the screen (as shown in the section above).

  2. Search for @cloudradar_messaging_bot. Caution: There are many bots with similar names. Make sure you select only @cloudradar_messaging_bot Pay attention!

  3. Tap on the @cloudradar_messaging_bot.

  4. Choose START at the bottom.

Optionally, you could create your own bot, and use it instead of CloudRadar's bot. For details, see the Creating own bot section below.

Add the Telegram Recipient on CloudRadar

  1. In CloudRadar, choose Recipients on the left, and then choose ADD RECIPIENT.

  2. In Media type, choose Telegram.

  3. In the Telegram user ID field, enter the ID you obtained as described in the Getting your Telegram ID section above.

  4. Optionally, choose SEND TEST, and verify that the test message is received on the device used in step 1.

  5. Choose for which kinds of events a notification should be sent to Telegram - alerts, warnings, or reminders. Save your changes.