Microsoft Teams

Learn how to send notifications to Microsoft Teams
To receive messages from CloudRadar on Microsoft Teams you need to create a so-called incoming web hook on some channel.
On the very left navigation click on "Teams" and select a channel you want the messages to be posted. This can be any existing channel or you create a new one and you name it "CloudRadar Monitoring" for example.
Creating a new channel gives user more flexibility to turn on and off the alerting inside MS Teams because alerts like sounds and desktop pop-ups are configured on channel level.
Click on the three dots of a channel to unfold the menu. Click on Connectors.
Manage connectors of a channel.
Click on Configure next to "Incoming Webhook".
Set up a new web hook
Give the web hook a name that appears as sender of all messages, for example choose "CloudRadar" as name.
Optionally you can upload a custom image, for example the CloudRadar logo.
Click Create and copy the generated URL of the web hook. Use this URL to set up the recipient in
Create the URL of the web hook
Back on insert the copied URL into the field "Connector URL of incoming Webhook".