Using the dashboard

The dashboard allows you to get a quick overview of the hosts you are monitoring. You can access it by choosing Dashboard on the left.
The monitoring information provided on the dashboard is grouped in the following sections:
  • Events shows the current alerts and warnings.
  • Hosts shows quick summary for the monitored hosts.
  • Groups shows summary for all hosts belonging to a selected group.


Choose EVENTS when you need to see the latest alerts and warnings for your hosts:
  • You can find events using the search field.
  • You can also find events via sorting by type, host, duration, and issue.
  • When needed, you can cancel the reminders for an event using the corresponding button in the Actions column.
Showing alerts and warnings


Choose HOSTS when you need a more detailed overview of the hosts you are monitoring.

Host details

When using the Tile view (see below), for each host you can do the following:
  • View the number of checks defined for the host, and when they were last performed.
  • View the number of alerts and warnings.
  • For hosts monitored via agent, view diagrams for the CPU and memory load.
  • View more details about host issues by choosing the
    (Show events) button. As shown in the example below, this way you can see what types of issues occurred and when this happened.
  • View more details about the software and hardware used on the host by choosing the
    (Host inventory) button.
  • Access the latest data and the settings of the host using the
    buttons, respectively.
Showing issues for selected host

Choosing layout

Using the
buttons in the top right part of the screen you can choose how the information about the hosts should be displayed on the dashboard.
Choose the left button (Tile view) to set the screen area for each host to be large. This is the view where most information is displayed.
Choose the middle button (Mini view) to set the screen area for each host to be small. This wasy you can see more hosts at once. If you need more details about a host, you can open the menu in the right part of the corresponding tile.
Choose the right button (List view) to set the hosts on the dashboard to be displayed in a list.


As described in Creating a new host, you can define tags for a host. You can also do this later by accessing the settings of a host.
When you have several hosts for which you have defined the same label, you can view a summary for all these hosts. To achieve this, go to the GROUPS section of the dashboard, and select one of the available groups:
Selecting a group of hosts
For example, if you have used type:Website and type:Mail as labels for some of your hosts, you would be able to select the Type group and view a summary for all the hosts that have these labels.
Showing host groups
For each groups of hosts you can do the following:
  • View the number of checks, alerts, and warnings.
  • Obtain detailed summary for each host in the group by choosing the
    (Dashboard) button.
  • View more detailed information about the issues for the selected group by choosing the
    (Show issues) button.