Installing frontman on Linux

Installing frontman on a Linux system would allow you to collect and monitor data about hosts that are on the same intranet as this system.


  • You have defined the frontman location for the system where you are going to install frontman. For details, see Adding frontman locations.

  • You have permissions to install the frontman as a service on the selected system in your intranet.

  • The system on which you install the frontman can send and receive data from Internet.


  1. Copy the commands displayed for installation on a Linux system.

  2. Log in to the Linux system where the frontman should be installed.

  3. Open a terminal and paste the commands; if needed, enter root password.

    The system would execute the command and install the agent.

  4. Optionally, check if the frontman service is running using the following command: service frontman status