Installing frontman on Synology DSM

User your NAS as a powerful monitoring station

Look for your CPU architecture

Open the control panel and navigate to the "Info Center". There your will find information about the CPU the NAS is baed on.

Find out your CPU model

Download the right package

The following table indicates which package is suitable for your CPU

CPU Model



Marvell Armada 38*, 37*, XP(2C/2T)



Annapurna (any)



Mindspeed (any)



Marvell Armada 3700 (2C/2T)



Any Intel



Are more detailed overview of the CPUs used by Synology con be found here (German) or here (English).

Download the right package to your desktop from GitHub.

Always use stable versions! Never use beta version or release candidates.

Install the package using the Package Center

Open the package center of the DSM and use "Manual Install" on the top right corner and upload the package.

Upload the package.

When asked, enter the Hub Username and the Hub Password which CloudRadar has generated.

Copy the configuration.

Click "Next" and you are done.

Unfortunately the DSM does not provide the possibility to change the settings of an already installed package. You must uninstall and re-install the package to change the settings. Experienced user can change the settings of a running frontman using SSH. See below.

Changing the settings using SSH

If you are experienced with the SSH access to the NAS, you can change the settings of frontman using the vi editor. The config is located at /etc/frontman/frontman.conf. Logs can be found at /var/log/frontman/frontman.log.