Manage Sub-units

If you are an MSP monitoring the hosts of your customers CloudRadar provides handy features.

Activate Sub-Units aka Customer Management first. By default the sub-unit/customer management is disabled. Goto Settings and enable it. A new entry “sub-units“ appears in the main menu.

By default sub-unit management is disabled

Having the sub-unit/customer management enabled you can enter your customer by clicking on “Customer”. You can also create a new customer while creating a new host.

Create a customer/sub-unit

You can assigned hosts to a sub-unit/customers.

Assign a host to a customer/sub-unit.

A dashboard that gives an overview about all hosts grouped by customers will be created automatically.

Group the dashboard by sub-units.

The access of guest team members can be limited to hosts belonging to a customer.

Team member limited access

Messages can be limited to hosts belonging to a customer.

Limit alert and warning to a customer