Troubleshoot duplicated hostUuid on the agent

What to do if you get an alert "Problem with agent installation detected. Duplicate hostUuid".


Each host (server) that is monitored by CloudRadar has a unique identifier, called UUID. When installing the agent, this UUID is part of the credentials. The value hub_user equals the host UUID. The agent sends all its measurements with that UUID. If you use the UUID twice CloudRadar assumes the data is coming from the same host (server).
The problem of duplicated UUIDs is often caused by cloning a host. If one host with a running agent is cloned, the host uuid is transferred to the clone. The UUID is part of the cagent.conf. Each hub_users (host UUID) has a corresponding password.

How to solve the problem

Make sure all your hosts are using a unique pair of hub_user and hub_password. Open the config file cagent.conf with a text editor and enter the values created for that host. You can copy the correct values at any time by clicking on "install agent".
On Windows the configuration is located in C:\Programm Files\cagent\cagent.conf. On Linux it's /etc/cagent/cagent.conf.
Grap the hub_user and the hub_password
If you alter the cagent.conf file you must restart the agent. On Linux execute systemctl restart cagent on Windows use the service manager and click restart.
Restarting the agent on Windows.