Setting Up Network Monitoring with CloudRadar

How to monitor an availability of devices within an intranet


You’re about to see or watch how to setup availability checks for devices that don’t have a public IP address within an intranet. This is accomplished by installing a local data collector we call a Frontman.
It can be installed on any Windows or Linux servers which have internet access.

Add a host and a private location.

Navigate to Dashboard now, then click the ADD HOST button, followed by Network device.
A host will need a name that’s unique in your account, FQDN/IP of the monitored server and a private location, which ideally would represent the name of the location you’re going to monitor, e.g. “Office London” would be perfect.
Now that we’ve created the frontman we’ll need to install it on a host. Click on the Install frontman and in the dropdown menu you’ll see a list of various operating systems. From here you’ll see the instructions for installing on your host. You need to copy it to a clipboard. In a moment we’ll remote into our host and simply follow these onscreen instructions to get the Frontman installed.

Install the frontman location

Remember, to get this working correctly you’ll need to install this location on the server with root or sudo privileges.
Now you need to ssh login to the monitored Ubuntu server and paste the commands we just copied.
When the installation has completed, you’ll see a message to inform you that the agent has installed successfully. In CloudRadar you'll see the frontman is now in a connected state.
At this stage, your private location is set up and you’re free to add a host as well as various checks like SSH & ICMP service checks. With the private frontman all service checks and web checks can be performed for private intranet hosts.