Monitor processes

Learn how to monitor processes and receive alerts if they crash.


To supervise processes, you need to have the monitoring agent installed. If the agent is installed and connected, all the running processes are reported automatically.
Select your host on and click on "latest data". Unfold the section "processes". The process you want to supervise should appear in the list. You can use the search bar to quickly find a process.
Looking for a process
In the example, we are looking for the apache webserver.
Often the process names differ from the product names. Look carefully.
On Redhat systems, the process of the apache web server is called httpd. By default, there are no alerting rules for any process.

Create a rule

On the line with the desired process click on the wand icon. If your process appears multiple times, choose any.
Launch wizard to create a rule
A wizard to create an alerting rule appears. Be default the rule is created for all hosts. If the process you want to supervise runs only on a single host, select "just for " instead of "all hosts". The second and third parameters don't need any changes.
If you want to receive a warning instead of an alert, change it with the fourth parameter. Finally, click on ADD RULES. From now on you will be notified if the specified process is not running.
Create the alert rule
Example of an email alert about a process not running.