How to monitor SSL certificates
Learn how to monitor the expiry date of an SSL certificates with a customer threshold

Go to the host and add the check "SSL Cert. Check". Wait a couple of minutes and go to "Latest Data" of the host. Verify the remaining days of the certificates appear on the list of measurements.
Remaining days of the certificate

On the main menu on the left side, go to "Rules" and add a new rule.
  • For "Host", select is and select the host the SSL certificate check runs on.
  • For "Type", select Service check and Or manually specify check key
  • Enter net.tcp.ssl.443.expiryDaysRemaining as check key.
  • For the condition enter for example last value is less than 20. This will create an alert, if the certificate expires within 20 days or earlier.
Rule with a custom threshold
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Step 1 - Add the check
Step 2 - Create the rule