How to monitor an Internet Server ⭐


Monitoring internet servers is incredibly easy with CloudRadar - in fact you can be up and running in just a few clicks!
You can monitor any server or device which has a connection to the public internet.
In this tutorial we'll show you how to set up monitoring of a SMTP server. Alternatively if you prefer watching to reading, please click this link and we'll show you how it's done.

Add the host to CloudRadar

First, you need to add a host... Navigate to Dashboard and click the ADD HOST button, followed by Website/public service.
A host needs a name that’s unique in your account. The FQDN/IP of the monitored server is also required.

Add a SMTP check

Now that the host has been created in CloudRadar, you can add various TCP checks. To demonstrate, let's add the SMTP check, which will monitor message submissions by mail clients on port 587.
You can also add any other TCP service checks as needed… for example to monitor services like remote desktop add a check to monitor on TCP port 3389.
As you can see, a new check will show as “pending” until the monitoring has kicked in, and then it’ll show a green thumbs-up. If the monitoring fails for any reason you’ll see a red thumbs-down.
Now that we’ve setup monitoring of the SMTP, we can now define more recipients to be alerted if anything goes wrong.
By default you’ll receive alerts to your account email… but if you prefer you can add other recipients to be notified along with you...
Additionally you can also set up Slack, Telegram or Pushover to receive instant alerts & warnings to any devices with those apps installed.