Links is a free service of CloudRadar offering basic uptime monitoring at no cost

At a glance pings your server from up to four locations around the globe. On three consecutive ping losses, you get an email. If the server comes back online you get a recovery message.
Pings are sent from all locations concurrently using the fping command. If all fail you will be alerted. If some but not all locations fail you will receive a warning. From a link inside every email you can stop the service. Using the service for the first time requires the confirmation of your email address. If your email is already confirmed you can set up more pingers by just entering the IP address or FQDN of your host.
You will receive a report every 24 hours at your preferred time. There is a limit of 20 running pingers per email.


How do I change the settings of my monitoring? At the moment there is no option to change the settings. All messages contain a link to stop pinging a target. This deletes the monitoring for a single target. Just create a new one with a different target afterward.
How often are my servers checked? How fast do I get alerts? We execute the ICMP ping echo requests every 60 seconds from all locations concurrently. Usually, it takes 62-70 seconds until we send out the alert message. We use very fast email servers from Mailgun.
Do you support ipv6? Yes, we do. You can enter any ipv6 IP address. All our check locations have direct IPv6 internet access. If you enter an FQDN with an A and AAA DNS record then we let the fping command decide which path to take. Use IP addresses to monitor both ipv4 and ipv6.
Why do I get "service not available in your country"? Ping monitoring is very sensitive to latency. While we are building up our network of worldwide check locations we have decided to better not offer any service to you instead of bothering you with false alerts.
What's the difference between alerts and warnings? If your server does not respond to any ICMP request we send you an alert. We send 3 ICMP echo requests from four locations. If all these 12 requests fail, you are alerted. If some but not all requests fail, you receive a warning detailing which location has failed and which has succeeded.
Where can I access an overview or a status of all monitored servers? This is not implemented yet but on our roadmap. At the moment you get all information by email.
Is free just during the launch and will you charge for it later? will be free always. It's designed to be a free tool. Basic monitoring should be accessible for everyone at no cost.
Can I upgrade to a premium version with more features? No. If you need more advanced monitoring, try our full-featured IT-infrastructure monitoring at
Where can I get help? How to contact you? We are convinced that the service is self-explanatory and easy to use. If you still need some help, if you have suggestions or if you received a false alert, write us an email.

IP addresses of the pingers

EU WEST NL Amsterdam
EU WEST PL Warsawa
US WEST CA Fremont
US WEST NYC New York City