Job monitoring

monitor the execution of any job (scripts, executables, crons etc.)

At a glance

Just wrap any command into jobmon and verify the exit status. Examples:

On Linux: jobmon -id myBackup -- rsync -aq /etc /var/backups/

On Windows: jobmon -id myBackup -- robocopy /MIR C:\Users\Administrator\Documents C:\Backups

Supervise the results of a job on

The jobmon wrapper

Jobmon executes and executable (script, binary etc.) and catches the output, errors and the exit code. It stores the results in a queue, and cagent sends the data during the next cycle.

​If the exit code is not 0 CloudRadar triggers an alert automatically. You must assign each job an unique id for further identification. Jobmon can be used with the following options.

Usage of jobmon


-c string Config file path (default "/etc/cagent/cagent.conf")

-f Force run of a job even if the job with the same ID is already running or its termination wasn't handled successfully.

-id string id of the job, required, maximum 100 characters

-me duration h|m|s or just for number of seconds. Max execution time for job.

-nr duration h|m indicates when the job should run for the next time. Allows triggering alerts for not run jobs. The shortest interval is 5 minutes.

-re or -re=true|false Record errors from stderr, overwrites the default settings of cagent.conf. Limited to the last 4 KB. Use '-re=false' to disable the recording

-ro or -ro=true|false Record errors from stdout, overwrites the default settings of cagent.conf Limited to the last 4 KB.

-s string alert|warning|none If job fails (exit code != 0) trigger an event with this severity. 'alert' is used by default. Overwrites the default severity of cagent.conf. Severity 'none' suppresses all messages. -version Show the jobmon version


jobmon -id my-rsync-job -- rsync -a /etc /var/backups jobmon -id my-robocopy-job -- robocopy C:\Users\nobody\Downloads "C:\My Backups" /MIR

Record only the errors (stderr) and trigger an alert if exit code is not 0.

jobmon -id my-rsync-job -ro -- rsync -av /etc /var/backups

Record all output (stdout + stderr)

jobmon -id my-rsync-job -re=false -s none -- rsync -av /etc /var/backups

Don't record errors -re=false, just the standard output (stdout) and don't trigger any alerts -s none.

jobmon -id my-robocopy-job -nr 24h -- robocopy C:\Users\nobody\Downloads "C:\My Backups" /MIR

Indicate that this job runs every 24 hours -nr 24h. will trigger an alert, if no data is send with the same job id within the given period of time.

Example of a failed job.
Email Alert about a failed job.