Troubleshoot agent on Windows
Solve common problems quickly

Failed Updates

If you get the following error, read how to solve it.
Service 'CloudRadar Monitoring Agent' Cagent could not be installed. Verify you have sufficient privileges to install system services.
Update error.
The error description is misleading. The reason for this error is an unclean removal of an old version of cagent. The file cagent.exe has been remove, but the service is still present. Due to the missing service executable updating the service got stuck.

How to solve

Download the raw cagent.exe file from our Github Page. Take the latest stable version.
Cagent Download page on Github
Unzip the file cagent_<VERSION> to a temporary directory. Search for the file cagent.exe and copy it to the folder C:\Program Files\cagent\.
Open cmd.exe Terminal and goto the mentioned folder using cd C:\"Program Files"\cagent\. Execute the command cagent.exe -s This will re-install the missing service. Now take the latest MSI release and update cagent properly.
Re-installation and fix of broken cagent service.

Unable to run cagent as windows service

Problem: Very rarely cagent refuses to run a a windows service. The installation procedure hangs for a long time and quits with an error.
Windows cloud not start the CloudRadar Monitoring Agent service a Local Computer. Error: 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.
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