Installing agent on Linux

Installing an agent on a Linux system would allow you to collect and monitor a lot of data about the host.

Getting installation details

  1. In CloudRadar, choose Hosts on the left.

  2. Locate the host on which you want to install an agent, and choose the Host settings button in the Actions column.

  3. Choose the INSTALL AGENT button. In case this button is not displayed: start editing the host settings, select the Inside OS Monitoring with Agent option, and save the setting.

  4. In the Install agent dialog, open the Choose your operating system menu and select the Linux distribution (like Debian or RedHat) used on the selected host system.

  5. Use the installation information provided in the dialog as described in the next section. For example, the commands for Debian or Ubuntu system could be the following:

Install the agent on Linux

Your Ubuntu or Debian system might not be able to install packages via encrypted https. If you get the message The method driver /usr/lib/apt/methods/https could not be found install apt-transport-https by executing

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https

Please read Troubleshoot cagent on Ubuntu for more details.

Installing the agent on the host system

  1. Copy the commands displayed for installation on a Linux system.

  2. Log in to the host Linux system where the agent should be installed.

  3. Open a terminal and paste the commands; if needed, enter root password.

    The system would execute the command and install the agent.

  4. Optionally, check if the agent is running using the following command: service cagent status

Reviewing information obtained via the agent

After installation, you can check whether the monitoring data provided by the agent is available in the following way:

  1. Log in to CloudRadar and choose Hosts on the left.

  2. Locate the host on which you installed the agent, and choose the Latest data button in the Actions column.

  3. Review the monitoring metrics.