Installing the agent on Synology

Learn how to install cagent on your NAS

On your account at

  • Create a new host on first with the option "Inside OS Monitoring with agent" enabled.

  • When requested to install the agent (or by clicking on the "Install Agent" button) select "other (manual installation)".

  • Leave that dialogue open while installing the agent on the NAS on a second browser window or tab.

Add your NAS to the monitoring first.

On your NAS

Login to your NAS (DSM) via the Web interface.

Detect your architecture by clicking on Control Panel -> Info Center. Look for CPU.

Detect your CPU model

If your CPU is based on 32bit Atom (old CE5335 (2C/4T) series), PowerPC or ARMv5 we don't provide any package nor support. Your NAS is simply too old.

Download the appropriated package from our download site to your PC.

  • For Intel-based CPUs (Xeon, Pentium, Celeron, Atom, etc.) download amd_64.spk file.

  • For ARMv8 based NAS, ARMADA 3700 (2C/2T) CPU, DS119j series download the armv8.spk file.

  • For ARMv7 based NAS (vast majority), ARMADA 38*, 37*, XP*, Annapura AL-* download the armv7.spk file.

Download the right package

This table explains all CPU architectures used by Synology in detail.

Always use the latest stable version. Do not use beta versions or release candidates (rc).

Open the package center and click on Manual Install on the top right corner.

Select the downloaded package by clicking Browse and click on Next to upload it to the DSM.

Upload the package.

Agree to the terms and click on "Next". Enter "Hub Username" and the "Hub Password" of the host you have previously created on

Click on "Next" and finish the installation with the "Apply" button. After 30-90 seconds the dialogue to install the agent on should close automatically and the status of your host turns green (connected).

The agent on the NAS is now connected.

After 2 Minutes you can access all monitored data by clicking on "Latest Data" on the top right corner.

All monitoring data is available.