Installing the agent for Plesk

CloudRadar provides a Pleask Extension wich allows you to install and manage the monitoring agent through the Plesk Admin Panel


The Plesk Extension is awaiting the official approval from Plesk. Until the official approval is missing you need to enable the upload of extensions. With the so-called Panel.ini Editor you can easily enable the upload of extensions without using the command line of your server.

Goto the Extension and search for an extension called Panel.ini Editor ...
... and install it.
Having the Panel.ini Editor installed, click on Open

Within the panel editor search for

extensionUpload = false

and change it to

extensionUpload = true

Most probably you will not have the mentioned setting. So insert it at the end of the settings and click on "Save".

Insert the new settings at the end of the file.

Install the CloudRadar Extension

Go to and download the Extension ZIP-File on your PC.

Do not download a beta version. Always use the latest stable version.

On the Plesk Panel go to Extensions -> My Extensions and click on Upload Extension.

Select Cagent-<VERSION>.zip from your local hard disk and wait for the new extension to appear.

The CloudRadar Server Monitoring has been installed

Set up the monitoring for your Plesk Server

With the extension "CloudRadar Server Monitoring" open you have three options

1. You haven't used CloudRadar Monitoring before

You haven't used CloudRadar Monitoring before? Then you need to create an account. Enter your email address and chose a password. You will get an email to confirm your account. Follow the instructions in the email.

Confirm your new account

By clicking on the confirmation link in the email, your account will be activated and a so-called API token is displayed. Copy this token to your clipboard.

Copy your API token

Paste the token into the Plesk Extension. The Plesk extension will set-up the monitoring.

Paste the token.

Go to afterwards to discover all features of your monitoring and to fine-tune thresholds and alerts.

2. You are already registered on CloudRadar (use the API)

You are already registered on CloudRadar. Login to your account and copy an existing API token or create a new one. Read-Write capabilities must be granted to the token. Copy the token to your clipboard and paste it into the Plesk Extension.

Copy an API token from your CloudRadar account

3. You are already registered on CloudRadar (manually create a host)

Either your host already exists or for some reasons you don't want to use API token, you can manually create the host. Monitoring by agent must be enabled. After creating the host follow the instructions to install the agent. Select "other (manual installation)". This will display the credentials needed for the agent. Copy the hub_url, the hub_password and the hub_user to the Plesk extension. Just copy the values inside the quotation marks. Do not use the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button as it will copy everything.

Copy the credentials of an existing host.
Enter the credentials of your host to the Plesk Extension